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As a small business owner, I chose John McAnally as my CPA because his firm is well educated on the tax code and has integrity. I expect the government to start auditing more small businesses and I wanted to ensure my company would have no issues.
Alexis M. ( Waco, TX )

About Us

John W. McAnally, P.C. is a full-service certified public accounting firm.  While most of our clients are from Central Texas, we also have clients throughout Texas, across the United States, and even overseas.  We have a varied clientele, providing us with the background and experience to serve your own business or personal needs.

We believe superior accounting service starts with friendliness and a sincere desire to be helpful.  It is in this spirit that all of us will strive to make your relationship with us pleasant and satisfactory.

It is our sincere desire to be responsive and helpful in providing the most complete accounting service possible.  Some of the services available to you include the preparation of your tax return, financial statement preparation, bookkeeping services, and tax planning.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and hope you will take advantage of our expertise.


Our firm has at its disposal an extensive and comprehensive research library.  This library provides access to the current tax code and regulations, tax court decisions and higher court decisions, IRS letter rulings, and other IRS reference materials.

Our library also includes comprehensive, up-to-date reference material and manuals containing accounting standards, opinions, and other guidance to ensure that our financial statement preparation follows generally accepted accounting principals and auditing standards.


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